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Tom Hegan, Director

Tom Planted 40 ha of SRC willow in 2003-2004 which is harvested in 3 year cycles via full stem system Stemster willow harvester..Willow is air-dried by means of raised rails until moisture/content reaches the low twenties/ high teens (usually 8-10 months) and then chipped and screened before being delivered to various consumers.

Tom is Director of Northern Bio Energy Ltd. which sourced a Whole Rod Willow Harvester (the Stemster) in Denmark, and with funding from DEFRA were able to purchase the machine in 2007 . To date is the only one of it’s kind in the British Isles. This harvester has worked successfully throughout Ireland and in France since 2008 , harvesting many hectares of whole rod willows, including some years old crops. Tom Hagan and Northern Bioenergy currently service a number supply contracts including high quality screened product to a local authority leisure complex.

Provides contract harvesting by means of full stem harvester (Stemster) as well as support services including haulage, chipping and screening as well as consultation/ advice on air drying of src willow.