John Campbell Martin, Chairman

John C Martin farms in partnership on the family farm at Greyabbey, County Down. 8.5 hectares of willows were planted in 2004, with a further 7.0 hectares established in 2005 with assistance of the Challenge Fund.

John was involved in the Renewable Energy Networks for Environmental Welfare (RENEW) project which looked at the establishment and production of short rotation coppice (SRC) willow to provide a renewable energy fuel in NI and RoI. Participation in the Energy Biomass Infrastructure Development Scheme (EBIDS) assisted with installation of a wooden drying floor, centrifugal fans and a heat exchanger to warm air used to dry wood chip. The first harvest of 8.5 hectares took place in April 2008, and has been in use annually since then. John is currently participating in the AFBI research programme to establish protocols for improved drier efficientcy.

John was elected as a member of the Management Committee at BENI’s inaugural meeting at Belfast’s IKEA store on 25th November 2008 and has been Chairman since 2009.

Stewart Cameron . BENI Management Committee.

Stewart and Kirstie Cameron own and run Glendale Tree Services based on their family farm in Randalstown, Co. Antrim. They offer a wide range of Tree Surgery and Forestry Contracting Services to both private and public sectors province wide.

Glendale is a producer of a high quality woodchip mulch and firewood.

This can be delivered or collected in any quantity. Glendale has just recently purchased a large wood chipper for Biomass Chipping. They have successfully obtained work chipping forest residue and brash to supply the biomass market.

Jeffrey Borland . BENI Management Committee

Jeffrey is from a farming background. Following a period working for Masstock in Saudia Arabia he became involved in sales of forestry machinery.He currently works for Marshall Agricultural Engineering who are distributors for a wide range of timber extraction, handling and processing equipment.

In the course of his employment Jeffrey has travelled extensively throughout Europe, and has seen biomass heating systems in wide spread use. He is convinced that this technology has a place in N. Ireland.

Jeffrey is a member of the local branch of the Royal Forestry Society and serves on their committee.