About BENI

What do we do?

  1. Promote opportunities for Biomass Energy in Northern Ireland to both users and producers.
  2. Represent the interests of biomass energy producers and users in Northern Ireland by lobbying Government and it’s agencies in respect of legislation, research and funding programmes which impact on the sector.
  3. Provide market information to members and others on sources of supply and demand for biomass energy in Northern Ireland.
  4. Work to increase customer confidence in security of supply and quality of fuels.
  5. Provide technical services and information to members.
  6. Networking and information sharing among those interest in biomass development

Membership Benefits
Membership is open to anyone who supports our aims and objectives. It will be of benefit to anyone who is currently producing biomass or is thinking of doing so. Membership will provide access to a reservoir of knowledge and practical experience in the production and processing of biomass fuel. Additionally members will be able to access supply opportunities collectively that they could not fulfil individually.

For further information contact John Martin; Tel. 078 0806 0037 or email to jcmfarms@aol.com

Services Provided by Members?

Our members are primarily engaged in the production and supply of biomass from wood, including:

  • Supply and delivery of all forms of woody biomass.
  • Planting and management of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow crops.
  • Planting and management of forest timber – from small plots to commercial.
  • Harvesting and wood processing – both forestry and SRC willow.
  • Wood chip drying, transport and screening.

Check out the Biomass Suppliers Page for details of BENI Members and supplier locations.