The UK Government’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement announced on 25 November includes an energy package (view here) which includes initiatives on:

Efficiency and Reform: Increased funding for the Renewable Heat Incentive to £1.15 billion in 2021 to ensure the UK continues progress towards its climate goals while reforming the scheme to improve value for money, delivering savings of almost £700 million by 2020-21.

Long term investment: Doubling of investment in DECC’s innovation programme; £295 million to improve the energy efficiency of schools, hospitals and other public sector buildings; over £300 million for up to 200 heat networks to generate enough heat to support the equivalent of over 400,000 homes and leverage up to £2 billion of private capital investment.

More detail is awaited. The Renewable Energy Association (REA) in the UK wants the funding made available in the Renewable Heat Incentive to be open to a wide range of renewable technologies including biomass, biogas, and district heating. See other REA comment.